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They are tiny, adorable, can capture a special memory and also make for a very memorable present- to yourself or even others. 

My Cute Mini (MCM), which was started in 2014, creates customized miniature replica dolls made of synthetic ceramic. 

We do Custom Hand-sculpted 3D Selfie Miniature Replica Figurine Dolls of People from Photographs that are 100% Handmade ❤

A beautiful and memorable gift to your loved ones for birthdays, weddings, anniversary, thanks-giving, homecoming and all other special occasions.

The miniatures have been a hit as a gifting item with orders pouring in from several metros across the country.

Prior to the launch of MCM, Hari and his team mostly used to work on stone sculptures for home interiors. 

"The carving and chiseling are different in both materials, that is in stone and clay. But people are more interested in the miniature form because it is more life-like," he adds.  

Our product range starts from mini replica dolls of 12cm to 35cm. We do life size sculptures too! The central concept is making a presentable replica that resembles people, and variants such as key chains, bottle stoppers, photo frames, sculpture mugs, pen drives and life castings.

Customers fall in love when they see our products, literally awestruck with the detail and finishing of the work, helping them with a unique gifting idea making their loved ones happy.

Chiselling stone also takes a longer time than doing the same with clay. 

It takes around 10 days to completely finish one figure and the delivery can take around five to ten weeks.

The self-taught sculptor says that making smaller figurines, while not specifically tough, needs some practice. 

Customers are required to send the pictures based on which they want the miniatures. The figurines also come with a warranty. 

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Surprise your loved ones with a cute 3D miniature doll of themselves today!
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